Dine Against Darkness is a Dinner Benefit and Silent Auction held annually in different cities to “illuminate child sex trafficking.”








You will have a reserved table for six and will be featured on social media platforms.

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The Hard Places Community, an International Non-Governmental Organization, has been working in Cambodia since January 2009 to help stop the child sex trade and bring restoration to its victims.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to shed light on the darkness that is the child sex trade. The idea for “Dine Against Darkness” came from our goal of being a “light in a dark place,” and the evening starts out entirely in the light. Guests have appetizers and mingle with friends in a bright, white, fun atmosphere for an hour or so, then everyone takes the shoulder of a friend in front of them and is led into the dark by trained servers.

Guests are seated at their tables in the complete absence of light, learning for the first time how it feels to be a child caught in a darkness they can never escape. Dinner is served entirely in the dark as one of our on-the-ground advisors (from Hattiesburg) and a Cambodian staff member share personal stories about the work we are doing to rescue children. These events have proven to be eye-opening for all who participate, and many guests walk out the door already talking about joining us again for next year’s Dine Against Darkness.

The funds from these events go directly toward the salaries of our Cambodian national staff. Our 30 Cambodian staff are the ones who speak the heart language of our children, who know and understand their culture, who are the ones who put their arms around the shoulders of a child who’s never been hugged, look into the eyes of one who’s never been valued, and speak life and truth into the heart of an eight-year-old who’s been sold for sex. Without our staff, all we have are programs, and programs alone do not bring children to freedom. All that we do is possible only through the love and compassion of our Cambodian national staff. Dine Against Darkness ensures that we can continue to hire passionate, caring locals to change the lives of their own people, to change the future of their own nation.

You can help ensure the future of our work with sexually exploited and at-risk kids by hosting a DaD today!!! Please contact Drew Mellon at hardplacesdrew@gmail.com to find out how to host an event. Drew can walk you through the entire process and give you a first-hand conversation with people who have hosted previous events.

*All sponsorship and ticket sales are considered to be a charitable contribution for tax purposes, less the value of the dinner.
*Invoices for sponsorship are available upon request.