In May 2017, the Hard Places Community launches an exciting new work in this beautiful island located Southeast off the coast of Africa. Madagascar is a land marked by extreme poverty and economic hardship, especially in recent years, due to political turnover and strife. 90% of the population of 22 million people live on less than $2 per day.

The Hard Places Community feels called to Madagascar to do what we do best: go deep in relationship with the broken-hearted, trusting God to breathe restoration, life and future back into His children. We will be working primarily with street kids in the tourist areas of the country, shining light into their dark situations as we laugh, play, and learn together.

We are currently building the first team to go to Madagascar! We are looking for mature believers who are team players to come and help build a place of healing for the children of this nation. If interested, please contact Steph Tyrna at [email protected]