In February 2007, the Hard Places Community and our committed India pastors, Victor and Simini, founded Asha House (House of Hope for Children). Our first children came to us when Victor was taking a walk through a horrible slum area in Delhi. The slum reeked with the smell of festering human waste boiling in the nearby pond, which was also the only source of drinking water for the slum community. The dirt roads were lined with poverty-stricken shacks and makeshift beds lying in the road, because the homes were too small for the beds to fit in.

Victor passed a shack and heard voices crying. Looking though the window, he saw two tiny kids locked in a room. We soon learned that the children’s mother had died, leaving two children who were ages 4 and 2 with their father. Their father had to work all day, so he would leave in the early morning, bolting the children inside the sweltering heat of that cramped room. 

 Ten years later, there are 13 children living permanently in our family. All of our children are true orphans who have no blood family but will live in our family forever, and Victor and Simini are Mama and Papa to them.